Sources of Economic News in Western New York

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Whether you are looking for economic news in Western New York or on the national scene, there are some resources out there to help you keep up with all of the latest information. Some sources of economic news include Bloomberg Business News, CNBC Breaking Business News and TheStreet App.

Prices rose 7.1% annually in November

The Consumer Price Index showed a modest increase in November. That was lower than economists expected, but still higher than the 7.7% rate recorded in October.

Inflation is still above the Fed’s target of 2% per year, though. It is also near the highest levels since the 1970s. This is a sign that aggressive steps are working.

Some of the most significant increases are new cars, medical care, and housing. Food costs continue to rise, too. Prices at the gas pump were down in November, but overall prices increased for several commodities.

Inflation slowing more than many economists expected

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for November shows the slowing inflation trend that many economists were expecting. That’s good news for Americans and investors.

The CPI rose by 7.1% in November compared to a year ago. But the increase was the smallest 12-month gain since December 2021.

Inflation in the United States has been on the rise for years, and a strong dollar helps push prices up by making imports more expensive. As a result, the Federal Reserve is targeting an annual rate of 2%. However, many economists believe that small increases in inflation can boost economic growth.

Credit card and personal-loan delinquencies are likely to rise in 2023 to the highest in a dozen years

TransUnion’s consumer credit forecast for 2023 projects that credit card and personal-loan delinquencies are likely to rise in 2023 to the highest in a dozen years. This increase is likely to be driven by cash-strapped consumers who will use their credit cards to manage their cash flow.

Demand for these types of loans will also remain high. In particular, demand for unsecured personal loans is strong. These loans offer consumers the ability to consolidate their debt and get a lower interest rate.

Bank of America is slowing hiring as fewer employees leave in an attempt to manage its headcount

Bank of America is a big bank. It has a lot of branches. It also focuses on consumer and commercial banking. However, it isn’t the largest player in the market. In fact, the company ranks behind Citigroup and U.S. Bancorp in terms of size.

The bank recently announced that it plans to freeze its hiring. This is the latest in a wave of cuts by the biggest banks. Other major tech companies have also announced cuts, such as Amazon and Google parent Alphabet.

TheStreet app provides access to financial news, opinions and commentaries

If you are looking for financial news, the TheStreet app can provide you with a variety of information. You can view charts, read stock quotes, and track your investments. It also offers videos and a proprietary stock rating model.

While the app’s content can be useful for both traders and non-investors, it’s difficult to recommend over other options. For instance, CNBC’s breaking news alerts are powerful tools that keep users updated on the latest business news. However, TheStreet’s articles are more targeted towards long-term investors.

CNBC Breaking Business News

CNBC Breaking Business News is a smartphone app that allows you to check out the most relevant and interesting business news. You can view live stock quotes, get real time market data, and even watch full episodes of the best CNBC news shows. This is an indispensable app for investors, and it will give you the most up to date information on the market.

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. It also supports streaming and voice search. With the latter, you can ask the app to find out which stocks are hot and which are lagging in the market.

Bloomberg: Business News

Bloomberg Business News, which is owned by Bloomberg, LP, is the leading source of global business news. It includes detailed reports on specific industries and regions.

Originally known as Innovative Market Systems, the company was founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg. After purchasing a radio station in New York City, he decided to launch a new media venture that would make business information accessible to on-the-go commuters.

He began by creating a radio show that would cover news and business. This led to the creation of a network of news bureaus and the hiring of journalists.

Western New York Economic News

Western New York Economic News is produced by the Economics and Finance Department at Canisius College. It provides an analysis of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area and a forecast of the future. This is a comprehensive look at the economy of the region, focusing on the relationship between the local and national economies.

In the broader context, it is clear that Western New York is a growing economic powerhouse. There are many reasons to consider the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area as a viable option for your business. For one thing, the area offers a strategic location close to Canada, making it an ideal gateway for international trade. The city is also a hub for banking and corporate businesses.