Economic News Is Nothing But Lies

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Economic News Is Nothing But Lies

Every day, we hear the news that another economy in the world is collapsing. Yet, we are not able to learn anything about any of them from what financial news?


In all the years I have been a free trader, I never heard or read any of the economic news that we read in the finance news. They talk all about stock prices and that is why they are making so much money. Stock prices are the only thing that they know.


Even when we do not see what they tell us, the finance news tell us everything. Financial news seems to be nothing but advertising. They even make it look like what they are doing is something important.


If there was a great economic collapse, I am sure they would let people know. But all they say is that some stock prices will go up. Of course, they never really tell us why.


What will happen if the economy crashes because the political leaders of our country are incompetent? Will they be held accountable?


I would think that if this were happening, the news would give us some information about the economic situation so that we could know what to do. There are nothing but empty hype all the time on financial news. No one ever tells us anything.


When people go to your site, you are only told what you are going to be doing and how much profit you will be making. And of course, if you are just starting out in the industry, you are told that you are going to make a lot of money. And that is why people get started with forex trading.


Just like with economic news, the markets don't tell us anything but that is what they want us to think. It is better to believe what they say than to be surprised by events in the future. That is why you should always have your own currency investments.

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The truth is that the economic news is all lies, all lies. Every single day they tell us that prices will go up, but if you ask the person who wrote that article, it would make sense if they were afraid of something.


So, just as with economic news, there is nothing to worry about. With that said, maybe they should be telling us that their website will give us all the information we need. Maybe if we see it from their website, then we will really believe it and we will be happy to put our money where their mouth is.


Now, do you think the economic news is good? Let me know what you think in the comments below.